We all know by now Facebook is a great tool on both a personal and business level. The outcomes of a strong and maintained social media presence can not only market your brand and its identity but also sell your products and/ or services.

However, this is much easier said than done! Unfortunately, there is no cookie cutter approach to social media success. Instead careful, thought-out strategies are needed, alongside a lot of leg work to try and get your business to be seen by the right audience.

Why Facebook?-

For businesses, Facebook is now thought to be the most valuable social media platform, with 89% of interviewees scoring the platform as beneficial to their business. LinkedIn comes in second with 83%, followed by YouTube (81%), Twitter (80%) and Instagram (56%).

Reaching the Right People –

“Facebook is vast, that’s great for my business, right?” – Yes of course this presents your business with some really great opportunity (a lot of which can be free). However, 9 times out of 10 you don’t actually want to be reaching the mass market, you instead want to be targeting the smaller market to which your products/ and or service really appeal to. Facebook is a great way to do this, however you MUST make sure you are getting effective content.

Getting the Right Content –

The biggest importance to successful marketing through social media and Facebook in particular is knowing your audience. It is key to ensure you are not only reaching the right audience but also portraying the right message to them.

On average written articles are the most popular and effective method at engaging social media users, videos come in second and images third. However, like we mentioned there is no one formula to engaging your particular target market. Often a bit of research and some trial and error is needed to test the waters of your business’.

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